Poor-Career-Choice Noodle Soup by Louise Burns

Just because you chose to be an indie musician, doesn't mean you have to eat like one. 

Here is my favourite recipe for broke-ass-noodle soup. I eat it when I am in the red and green because it's delicious and relatively healthy. Paired with a side of Chardonnay and you've basically earned your first Michelin star. 

One packet of Thai Kitchen Instant Noodles (Bangkok Curry is my fav)

Eyeball about 2 cups of water

Half a head of kale or any leafy green of choice 

Assorted mushrooms (if you're feeling fancy, go for a wild mushroom or Enoki blend)

Tofu or any protein of your choice. Or more mushrooms. The world is your oyster. 

1/4 of a Yam, chopped up in tiny pieces. You can also replace this with a carrot. Basically any vegetable, which should be obvious at this point. 

Giant piece of ginger, sliced

Half an onion

Garlic to taste


If you are fancy, dice the onion and garlic and add to a pot with one tablespoon of sesame or any other cooking oil. Don't use olive oil because apparently that's bad for your health when heated high. Sautee. Add the ginger. You can also skip this part and just add ginger to the water and let it come to a boil. 

Add water if you haven't already, along with the soup flavour packets. 

Add the rest of the stuff according to common sense, leaving the greens for last. 

Let simmer for as long as you like. I like to give it five minutes. 

Poor into bowl and garnish with fresh basil, chopped green onions and sriracha if you know whats good for you.

Consume. Thank me. The end.